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Monday, January 1, 2018

X-Metal X Squared

Complete package includes:
1) Original box.
2) Original X Squared coin
3) Original Vault
4) Original instructions and warranty card.
5) Original micro fiber pouch.
6) Extra set of nose piece (different size)

Discontinued since mid 2012
Includes hard vault

OO6011-02 X-Squared
plasma + ice iridium
comes with complete collector set

OO6011-01 X-Squared
carbon + black iridium
comes with complete collector set

OO6011-03 X-Squared
x-metal + ruby iridium

OO6011-09 X-Squared Ducati
carbon + black iridium

OO6011-04 X-Squared Polarized
polished + VR28 black iridium polarized
complete collector set

OO6011-06 X-Squared Polarized
polished carbon + black iridium polarized

OO6011-05 X-Squared Polarized
plasma + fire iridium polarized

OO6011-08 X-Squared Polarized
carbon + OO black iridium polarized

For detailed information of the shades please look up
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