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Friday, December 1, 2017

X-Metal Penny

X-Metal Penny
x metal + ruby iridium

Penny black iridium lens (gently used) looking at $100
Lens condition 8/10. 
Some signs of use but does not affect vision.
Plenty of life left

X-Metal Penny
Plasma + Ice Iridium

X-Metal Penny
Polished + Ice Iridium

X-Metal Penny
Plasma + Ice Iridium (with serial number)
thanks to Mr. Jo.y for selling me this piece.
permanently added to collection. not for sale. 

Rare X-Metal Penny
Polished + Black Iridium
thanks to Mr. Chin for selling me this piece. 
permanently added to collection. not for sale. 

16-835 Juliet Lens $200
Brand new original Oakley ruby iridium lens with manufacturing defect: the left lens in the photo are cut so small that it pops out when assembled and screwed tighen. You cannot use this on the Juliet but its ideal for cutting into a smaller lens for X metal Penny. 


16-824 Juliet LensFor detailed information of the shades please look up
Please text or whatsapp me at 9366 8168 if you wish to share shipping costs.


ChiWaMo said...


I have a pair of polished penny's (got ice iridium lenses for them) & x metal xx 24k's which I bought from an Oakley dealer in South Africa. I recently realized that there are no serial numbers on either glasses & I never bothered to keep the boxes so i want to find out if this could mean i was swindled or if the glasses do come without these serial numbers?

Oakley Joe said...

hey man, x metals produced after 2004 does not have serial numbers any more :) So as long as your x metal are not plastic frames, its most likely real stuff. Stay calm!