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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

X-Metal XX

04-125 X Metal XX
Plasma + Ice Iridium

04-144 X-metal XX
x metal + black iridium
many thanks to Mr R. for letting this

04-145 X-metal XX 24k iridium

X-metal XX TiO2 (Titanium Oxide) with serial number.
1st gen "bone" finish + black iridiu

many thanks to Mr D. for selling this to me

X-metal XX TiO2 (Titanium Oxide) with serial number.
2nd gen plasma finish + black iridium

comparison between 1st gen (left) and 2nd gen (right)

comparison between 1st gen (front) and 2nd gen (rear)

X Metal XX Collection:

For detailed information of the shades please look up
Please text or whatsapp me at 9366 8168 if you wish to share shipping costs.


Rah Leinad said...

Hi there,

Can u tell me the difference between the 014-120 and 014-144 models of the X-metal XX?

I understand it's a replacement model but is there any design/size change?

Please help to clarify for me as you are the expert in this!

Thank you,

oakley joe said...

hi Daniel,

everything is exactly the same, the only diff is that the lens now have an additional hydrophobic coating

Rah Leinad said...

Oh I see,
Thank you for the clarification!
Cos i see different code names on ebay so i got confused...

BTW would you be interested in an X-Metal Mars Black Iridium for your collection?


oakley joe said...

hi there,

hope i managed to clear things up. Sorry but Mars is not on my list of Oakleys to collect. I rather spend the money on a Romeo or Juliet. :)

Rah Leinad said...

Yeah, you're probably right...

I find it difficult to find a right fit for my flat fat face...

I tried the Juliet and it fit ok but looks way too small on my big head!

So I was thinking maybe the XX is the correct fit for me

Anonymous said...

Hi there.. Just want to know why you are not selling some of your oakley x metal xx.. is there any difference between the ones your selling?


oakley joe said...

yes there is a difference. Those not for sale are the older models which are discontinued.

Anonymous said...

Hi m8 I thought ud b 1 to ask about this, I swapped my old pair of ti js for what's like a newer version but can't find out what they r. They have the r&j 3 piece joint on the bridge of nose so they flex,same shape just no split or hole for screw in bottom corner. Arms r flattened vertically & have the spring hinge & chrome o like the newer models(half x) wanna change blue lenses but don wanna risk getting it wrong. They r x metal too btw & I'm sure their genuine as stolen from oakley shop 5-7yrs back. Made inusa on rubber bits. Any help would b much appreciated thx. Dave

Oakley Joe said...

hi Dave, can you send pix to at the moment it sounds like Magnesium Switch. but I would like a visual confirmation. cheers!

Helton Val said...

Hi Joe,

My name's Helton, I from Brazil but I live in California since 2010. I'm looking for a X Metal XX to buy, Do you have some? Tks.

Oakley Joe said...

Hi Helton, hello from Singapore! I am sorry but I only have one X metal XX, so its not for sale.

Sorry about that. You can try eBay... I see a piece there :)