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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

FAQ/ Contact Oakley Joe

Q: Is your real name Joe?
A: ... yes its my real name..

Q: Why this blog?
A: In the late 90s when i was a broke teenager, I remember admiring the Romeos, Juliets, Pennys and Over the Tops in the window displays.... they seem so unattainable for a poor student like myself. Fast forward 10 years and a job opportunity in California in 2006 provided the perfect opportunity to start my collection.

And i collected with a vengeance!

My first pair of Oakley is was without saying the X-Metal Juliet black iridium (only USD$175 back then!) I was like a fat boy at a candy store! I never looked back and since then I have been buying on average 3-9 Oakley shades from US a month.

The blog was set up in 2008 to catalog my collection when I ran out of display space. It also became my trading platform for getting rid of Oakleys that I no longer want.... and to trade for not-for-sale collectibles like display stands. I also hope to find other Oakley collectors in Singapore who wish to split the shipping costs.

Q: Are you interested in trading?
A: Yes I will trade for the following models >> Romeo, Juliet Ichiro, Penny, Medusa, Mars, Bobhead and Over the Top. Quite a few items on this blog came from trades, including 3 Romeos and the Leather Mars. Am also keen in display stands and other metal collectibles.

If you have any of the above in good condition, I am willing to trade you items of equivalent value from my collection. I can also pay cash if we can agree on the price. Please contact me.

Q: Who would you like to thank?
A: I would like to thank fellow Oakley Collectors for selling/trading me some of their Oakleys: Jon and Chin from Tampines + Chandra(Sengkang) + Priscilla(Bedok) + Joe(Buangkok) Mr D. and Mr R. from Philippines. Thanks guys! Your shades are now safe with me.

I would also like to thank my wife for putting up with this.

Q: Are these 100% brand new?
A: yes they are all 100% brand new unless stated otherwise. Occasionally I put my used items up for sale, tagged under "Used Items".

Q: Are these 100% authentic?
A: yes they are all 100% authentic. The last time i check, i can still afford authentic Oakleys. Thank you very much.

Q: "Please do not be offended, but how can you prove to me that these are authentic?"
A: This is a question that iks me ALOT.

You should exercise due diligence and research to educate and protect yourself. You will find a lot of help from other collectors on Oakley Forum. If you do your homework, naturally, you will learn to differentiate and appreciate the differences between an authentic Oakley and a fake replica.

My Oakleys are 100% authentic, so either you take a leap of faith... or you can walk away.

When in doubt, please purchase from local authorized dealers, spend more money for the receipt, warranty and sleep better at night.

Q: Do you have 3rd party OEM stuff like VL lens, Walleva, Revant, Linegear
A: Nope....100% original Oakleys here only. You can try ebay for 3rd party stuff.

Q: Why is there a "China" stamp on my wire and acetate Oakley frames!? Are they fake!?
A: No they are not fake. Its just Oakley outsourcing manufacturing to China... just like Apple and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. For more info check out this discussion from Oakley Forum

The last i heard, the lens are still made in USA, only the frames are made in China.

Q: Are imported Oakleys covered by lifetime warranty?
 A: There are no more lifetime warranty.

Q: Do you provide warranty and receipts?
A: Some of the shades in my collection are more than 10 years old (romeo, penny, juliet), any warranty would have expired a long time ago. Others have been in my collection for 1-2 years, so even if there were any receipts, the warranty would no longer be valid. Items like display stands were sourced from other Oakley collectors, so there were no receipts to even begin with. The Juliets I bought from the Sydney O stores do have receipts... but they have also expired and the ink almost faded away completely.

If warranty is important to you, then I strongly encourage you to visit local authorized dealers. They provide warranty against manufacturing defects.

If you are considering shades with the notorious White Chrome/Polished Aluminum finish, do yourself a favor and purchase from local authorized dealers as these finishes are known to chip and crack (...experienced first hand ... so i know what i am talking about....)

To sleep better at night, please purchase from authorized dealers. 

Q: Wanna trade or share shipping?
A: Drop me an email at . Meet up at my place or Outram Park Mrt.
Text / wadsapp 9366 8168

Q: Will you ship overseas?
A: Nope.... will not ship overseas...had enough of internet frauds.


oakley joe said...

of course! do contact me to arrange time for try outs.

Anonymous said...

your rating should change to linking to your ebay listing instead, since Yahoo! auctions had shut down already.


Kasman said...

joe any prescription frame u happen to bring in too?? Maman here.

oakley joe said...

thanks Lelong for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

is your oakley asian fit?

Anonymous said...

hey joe, riduan here thanks for all the reply thru sms regarding the sunglass question will visit often as i'm getting another piece for myself as the one i got from you is for my wife lol..

Sim said...

just bought 2 oakley shades from joe. A+ seller, item as described! i will definitely check back in future if i want to buy more oakleys!

oakley joe said...

thanks for getting them off my hands... going to use the money to upgrade bicycle rims. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe, I am a dragonboater and I am currently looking oakley for training. Any recommandation? Budget. (:

oakley joe said...

radar seems quite popular with Dragonboaters... I have seen many dragonboaters wear them. The hydrophobic coating helps to repel water. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Oakley Joe,

noticed that you got a new jawbone asian fit! I am waiting for them to be customisable but also wondering if there really is a difference between the original and asian fit?

any advice?

oakley joe said...

hi there, the stems on the asian fit has a slightly more curved in profile. Its grips around the head tighter.... hope that answers your inquiries. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! That's great help!

I actually have a pair of oakley crosshair s and it feels a bit too tight (gives me a headache with prolong wearing). So was wondering if asian fit will help :P guess not!

if i want to customised a jawbone, can i share shipping with you?(if can, i'll contact you via email for this)thanks :)

oakley joe said...

crosshair S seems to be discontinued. :)

anyway, I would love to share shipping with you. I am thinking of getting a Sideway or a Crosshair

pls email or text me. Thanks!

bee said...

Hi Joe,

wanna THANK YOU for getting my custom jawbone in the exact specifications i wanted :)turns out not too big for me except my nose a bit flat O.o till next time :)

everyone out there! joe is definitely a recommended, honest, hassle free seller!:)

oakley joe said...

hi Bee,

thanks for the kind comments. :) Try switching to the large nosepiece so it sits better on your face.


All A Guy Wants... said...

Hey bro nice doing business with ya, oakley x metal soft vault in perfect condition as you mentioned :)

forgot to ask, do you buy any stuff from if you do, let me know cuz wanna get some replacement lens for my a wire from there... thanks again!

ken said...

hey jo I was wondering if do you carry those oakley sunglasses whereby there's attachable and detachable degree lens behind the sunglasses? The point of attachment is at the bridge area. Not those powered sunglasses. I was told its quite hard to find?

oakley joe said...

hi ken,

hmmmm... dun think Oakley has anything like that.

Anonymous said...

hello, i am in canada. I have 5 oakley sunglasses. i found your site by mistake, but is it beautiful. but i think that you sell a littlebit to much. For exemples, i buy a real oakley in a oakley store, a model split jacket black with a glass black iridium polarised for 315$ canadien (+/- 250 euro). And you you sell this model whit this glass for 375 (euro may be). So is it my mind but i know what i talk.

But you have a great sunglasses.

Oakley Joe said...


I am glad you like my collection. I am selling them for S$375 singapore dollar which is about $295 Canadian dollars. It cheaper than what you paid for. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi O-Joe. Just one simple question why don't ship oversea (Brunei/Malaysia)?

Oakley Joe said...

if you are really keen, drop me an email at :)

Anonymous said...

Hi joe,

Interested in your crosslink sweep. Just wonder if you can find asian fit with bigger nose pads??

Oakley Joe said...

sorry man, I cannot get those. Its not on

rachel said...

Hi there

Im not a veteran when it comes to oakleys but I'm looking for a pair. Would like to know if they are all the polarized lens?

I'm keen on either matte black idirium emerald or eric koston tortoise dark bronze

Oakley Joe said...

hi if its polarized, it will say "polarized" in the desciption. If its not, it will not say polarized

Jin Hon said...

Hey do you happen to have the frogskins with matte black frame and emerald iridium polarized lenses? OO9013-24-404

Oakley Joe said...

sorry its gone!